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Ice Machine Parts

There won’t be a bar, restaurant or food outlet that doesn’t use an ice machine. From soda in a paper cup, to the finest cocktails in exclusive lounge bars, many customers prefer cooler drinks.

With every service, the machine gets open and closed. It spends each session working hard to constantly produce those frozen cubes.

An ice machine failure could ruin the reputation of a well-established constablishment.

There are several types:

  • Machine Head (Or Modular) – these units are designed to be used inside an area that can keep the cubes frozen. An bin sits underneath to collect and store the ice.
  • Under Counter Machines – As the name suggests, these are designed to fit under standard counter tops and have the whole operation contained in one unit. Because the under-counter machine makes and stores the cubes, it is a great solution in tight spaces.
  • Counter Top Dispenser – Sitting on a serving counter, these machines release ice when a vessel is offered up. They normally produce nugget style ice and some models offer chilled water dispensing as part of a combination machine.

At Direct Brand, we carry stock for all styles of machine. Your engineer get get all your repair or servicing parts for top brands such as Scotsman andHoshizaki.

All of our parts are quality, direct replacements and we offer cost effective pricing, 24 hour support and express shipping.

Ice machines, like all commercial kitchen equipment, need regular servicing and maintenance. Fitting a quality water filter, regular cleaning and keeping the machine well ventilated is important. This will ensure the unit continues to produce high-quality, safe ice cubes in the quantities you need.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for service and maintenance. It is best to use a professional engineer for installation and repair.

There are so many parts that make up appliance, it is inevitable that eventually a component may fail. Common reasons for a machine working inefficiently are:

    • Water supply is too warm.
    • A water leak somewhere in the supply, or the machine itself
    • The machine has dirty parts – this could cause machine failure and pose serious health risks for customers.
    • Thermostat failure.
    • Electrical or motor failure


Ice machines work in the same way as refrigerators. They use the principles of heat exchange and gas/liquid pressures. Key components all need to be in perfect working order to keep production flawless. These components include: The refrigerant itself, compressors, condensers, evaporators, internal plumbing parts and valves.

Ice machines also need many mechanical and moving parts to create the ice in the sizes and shapes required. Not only do these parts create ice, they must also move it to whichever storage system the machine uses.

All of the components and parts that make up the machine are crucial to the cycle of ice- making. These components are used to supply the machine with water and power, freeze the water and store the cubes.

Direct Brand supplies all of these parts, genuine quality replacements, to keep your  machine in perfect running order.

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