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Green Mountain Grill 200 Watt Igniter P-1079Igniters – Replacement Parts For Appliances. 

Direct Brand – The original company to provide Silicon Nitride Igniters to the US !

View our vast selection of top-quality after market igniters and ensure your appliance operates smoothly for many years to come with high-quality parts from Direct Brand! Fast Shipping Available!

At Direct Brand, we provide a wide selection of high-quality replacement parts to ensure your appliances stay in top-notch condition. Our goal is to make your search for the perfect replacement as seamless as possible.

Why Choose Direct Brand?

  • Vast Selection Of Replacement Parts: We offer multiple options to help you swiftly locate the exact replacement parts for your appliance. We recommend verifying the make, model, and part number from your appliance’s manufacturer and matching it with our replacement parts.
  • Support Team: If you encounter any difficulties finding the right part, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.
  • Quality Matters: When replacing worn-out components, it’s crucial to invest in top-quality replacements that can prolong your appliance’s lifespan.

Our Promise:

  • Warranty: Direct Brand stands behind the durability of all our products, offering warranties for added peace of mind.
  • Easy Returns: We provide a hassle-free returns process, ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase. 
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BBQ, Gas Grills & Oven Igniters
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Furnace & Boiler Igniters
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Pellet Stove Igniters
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Water & Pool Heater Igniters

Trusted Brands:

Direct Brand supplies high-quality replacement aftermarket parts for renowned brands such as: