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Lynx Gas Grill Electrode 33052 for Rotisserie Burners


SKU: DB3052

Lynx Grill Rotisserie burner replacement ignitor

  • Brand: Direct Brand
  • Equivalent to: Lynx 33052
  • Big Savings against OEM parts
  • Wholesalers and Contractors contact sales@direct-brand.com or call (833)-297-4990 for pricing

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Lynx Grill Electrode 133052 for Rotisserie Burner

This replacement Lynx grill electrode igniter is made from Silicon Nitride making it  robust and durable. This easy to fit direct drop-in upgrade replaces the Lynx Grill Electrode 33052.

Compatible With:

  • L27-2007, L30-2007, L36-2007, L42-2007, L54-2007, L27-1-2007, L27R-1-2007, L27F-1-2007, L27FR-1-2007, L30R-1-2007, L30FR-1-2007,L30PSR-1-2007, L30PSFR-1-2007, L36PSR-1-2007, L36PSFR-1-2007, L36R-1-2007, L36FR-1-2007, L42R-1-2007, L42FR-1-2007,L42PSR-1-2007, L42PSFR-1-2007, L54PSR-1-2007, L54PSFR-1-2007, L27-2008 L27-2-2008, L27F-2-2008, L27FR-2-2008, L27R-2-2008, L27F-1-2008,L27-1-2008, L27R-1-2008, L27FR-1-2008, L30-2008, L30FR-1-2008, L30PSFR-1-2008, L30PSR-1-2008, L30R-1-2008, L36-2008, L36FR-1-2008, L36PSFR-1-2008, L36PSR-1-2008, L36R-1-2008, L42-2008, L42FR-1-2008, L42PSFR-1-2008, L42PSR-1-2008, L42R-1-2008, L54-2008, L54PSFR-1-2008, L54PSR-1-2008, L27-2-2010, L27F-2-2010, L27FR-2-2010, L27PSFR-2-2010, L27PSR-2-2010, L27R-2-2010, L30PSFR-1-2010, L30PSR-1-2010, L30R-1-2010,L36PSFR-1-2010, L36PSR-1-2010, L36R-1-2010, L42PSFR-1-2010, L42PSR-1-2010, L42R-1-2010, L54PSFR-1-2010, L54PSR-1-2010

Included in the box:

Replacement Electrode with cable and connectors. AMP Model.