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Best Macerating Toilets

Find a macerating toilet that suits your budget and situation

Fitting a macerating toilet gives you flexibility to install a new toilet into the smallest of spaces. With a few modifications to existing plumbing and electricity, you will soon have a new restroom, adding extra value to your home. At Direct Brand we stock Saniflo macerator pumps, bowls, toilet tanks, plumbing and cleaning/maintenance solutions.

Sanall 1542280 Sfa 081 Saniaccess2 Macerating Pump

Saniaccess 2

Macerating pump only. Best for toilet and sinks in residential units.

Sanall 532218 Sfa 002 Saniplus Macerating Pump


Macerating pump only. Best for toilet, sink and shower/bathtubs.

Saniaccess 3

Macerating pump only. Best for toilet, sink, shower/bathtubs

Sanall 1077017 Sfa 011 Saniflo Sanipack Macerating


Pump only for in-wall frame systems in residential units.

Sanall 232188 Sfa 013 Sanibest Grinder Pump Only

Sanibest Pro

Grinder pump. Used in toilet, sink, shower, laundry/washing.

Sanall 514283 Sfa 014 Sanigrind Grinder Pump Only

Sanigrind Pro

Grinder pump, used in bottom outlet toilet, sink, shower/laundry.

Sanall 583311 Sfa 023 Sanicompact


1-piece floor mounted dual-flush toilet with macerator built in.

Sfasani 1719853 Saniflo 018 Sanicom1 Commercial

Sanicom 1

Heavy duty drain pump for residential and commercial premises.

Sanall 196658 Sfa 008 Sanivite Sink Pump


Residential or commercial premises drain pump.

Sanall 808499 Sfa 021 Saniswift Pump


Medium duty residential non-sub drain pump.

Sanall 1009874 Sfa 010 Sani Shower Pump


A compact, light duty drain pump used in residential showers.

Sanall 1039860 Sfa 040 Sanicondens Condensate


Condensate pump for condensing boilers and air conditioning units.

Sanall 1464100 Sfa 041 Sanicondens Best

Sanicondens B

Sanicondens Best condensate pump with built-in neutralizer.

Sanall 1096614 Sfa 089 Sanicube 1

Sanicubic 1

Simplex grinder system, 120v, fitted into sewage basin.

Sfasani 927478 Sfa Sanicubic Classic #029

Sanicubic 2

Duplex grinder system, 240v, can be fitted into existing sewage basin.

Saniflo 4" Pipe

Extension pipe between toilet and macerator, 4 inches.

Sanall 806744 Sfa 050 Sanialarm


 High water level alarm for models 002, 013, 014, 011, 008.


Concentrated solution for Saniflo pumps, 5 litre container.

Sfasani 1647529 Sfa 043 Sanineutral Condensate


Neutralizes acidic condensate from boilers, AC units etc.

Saniaccess 3

Saniacces 3 macerator pump, round bowl and toilet tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Macerating pumps can pump waste uphill and are ideal in situations where you cannot access pipes under the toilet or shower, or simply do not want to disturb the existing floor tiles. Another example of use would be if you have installed a basement toilet and the waste needs to be pumped uphill to the waste pipe.

 Some macerators can pump grey water as far away as 150 feet, so picking the right system for your installation is a priority.

A macerator pump is designed to handle human waste and toilet paper only, whereas, the grinder pumps are designed to handle toilet paper and sanitary napkins etc.

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