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Napoleon Pellet Stove Parts

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Napoleon Pellet Stove parts and replacements

A range of Napoleon pellet stove parts, including motors, gaskets, igniters, switches, sensors, pipes and cleaning products.

Founded by Wolfgang Schroeter, Napoleon was originally a side project at Wolf Steel Ltd. They originally manufactured steel railings in Ontario. Alongside this, Wolfgang began making wood-burning stoves in his garage. Eventually, he created the first stove made out of cast iron with a glass front, which allowed people to see inside.

In the ’90s, Napoleon expanded their product range from fireplaces to high-end grills. At first, the Schroeter family were told that there would not be a big enough market for such a product, but they were convinced that they could bridge the gap between the want for high quality products and your average outdoor BBQer.

In recent years, Napoleon sales have risen dramatically as a result of their ambitious growth strategy which involves cooperating with key partners. In 2018, they had almost 1.5million sq ft of manufacturing space.

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