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Pellet Stove Igniters

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Having Issues With Your Pellet Stove Igniter?
When your control board sends signals to the igniter it should automatically light your pellet stove. There are many types of igniters, but they all work similarly, with a goal to turn electricity into heat energy. Some types of pellet stove igniters preheat air within the burnpot, while others directly contact the pellets to ignite them. It’s very difficult to light pellets for a pellet stove, without an igniter, so it can be very annoying when your igniter fails and you have to watch it continuously so it does not go out.

Here are some troubleshooting ideas to get your igniter going again.

Required Tools

Testing wire 
Power strip with on-off switch
Owner’s manual

1. Is the igniter glowing/lighting up?  
If your igniter is light correctly, then it should have a strong, red glow, as red as a stoplight. However, some types of igniters are cool at the end and may to turn red all over, in this case, consult your user manual or contact the supplier if you are not sure.

If your igniter bends or has a bubble, this is a clear indicator that it should be replaced.
2. Is it receiving power?
An igniter needs between 115-120 volts of electricity to ignite and cycle on. This is where your multimeter will come in handy. Check the wire connection voltage to verify it’s correct. 

Your igniter will probably require replacing if 115-120v is shown in your multimeter, but it is not getting hot. However, if there is no power going to the igniter, then this could indicate a broken connection. Consult your owners’ manual and find the wiring diagram to locate the break, starting with the igniter wires and then make your way back towards the source of power to find the break.

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