Hopper Lid Gasket 6.5ft for Englander


SKU: 20393-4

Hopper Lid Gasket for Englander PU-HLG-6.5

Quick and easy to install.

  • 6.5ft long
  • High quality
  • Strong
  • High level of compatibility

OEM equivalent.

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Hopper Lid Gasket 6.5ft

Hopper Lid Gasket for Englander PU-HLG-6.5

Compatible Models:

Englander: 10-CDV, 49-SHC22, 49-TRC22, 10-CPM, 49-SHCPM, 49-TRCPM, 25-CAB80, 55-SHPCAB80, 55-TRPCAB80, 25-CBEP, 55-SHPCBEP, 55-TRPCBEP, 25-EP, 55-SHPEP, 55-TRPEP, 25-EPI, 55-SHPEPI, 55-TRPEPI, 25-IP, 55-SHPIP, 55-TRPIP, 25-PAF, 55-SHP25, 55-TRP25, 25-PAH, 55-SHPAH, 55-TRPAH, 25-PDV, 55-SHP22, 55-TRP22, 25-PDVC, 55-SHP10, 55-SHP10L, 55-TRP10, 25-PFS, 25-PFSP, 25-PI, 55-SHP20, 55-TRP2o, 25-PUF, 55-SHP240, 55-TRP240, 25-PUF, 55-SHP240, 55-TRP240

Equivalent to the Englander PU-HLG-6.5