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Englander Pellet Stove Vacuum Hose PU-VH


SKU: 20093K

Vacuum Hose for Pellet Stove

  • Brand: Englander
  • Part Number: PU-VH
  • Length: 5 feet
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Englander Pellet Stove Vacuum Hose PU-VH Replacement

Englander vacuum hose PU-VH replacement for vacuum shut-down and firebox pressure switches. 5 feet of hose, which is more than enough, and includes clips. Fits ALL England’s Stove Works pellet stoves to include: Englander pellet stoves, Summers Heat and Timber Ridge. This hose can be used on almost any pellet stove with a vacuum switch.

Full Product Specifications:

  • Length: 5 feet

Compatible With The Following Englander Stoves:

  • 25-PI, 55-SHP20, 55-TRP20, 25-PUF, 55-SHP240, 55-TRP240, 10-CDVP, 10-CDVL, 10-CDVG, 49-SHC22P, 49-SHC22L, 49-SHC22G, 49-TRC22P, 49-TRC22L, 49-TRC22G Parts – 10-CPM, 49-SHCPM, 49-TRCPM, 25-EP, 55-SHPEP, 55-SHPEPL, 55-TRPEP, 25-EPI, 55-SHPEPI, 55-SHPEPIL, 55-TRPEPI, 25-IP, 25-IPM, 25-IPS, 55-SHPIP, 55-SHPIPL, 55-SHPIPM, 55-SHPIPS, 55-TRPIP, 55-TRPIPM, 55-TRPIPS, 25-PAH, 55-SHPAH, 55-SHPAHL, 55-TRPAH, 25-PDV, 25-PDVP, 55-SHP15, 55-SHP22, 55-SHP22L, 55-TRP15, 55-TRP22
  • American Heritage and US 25-5670, 25-PDVC, 55-SHP10, 55-SHP10L
  • American Standard and 55-TRP10

Included in the box:

Vacuum hose and clips. This is an AMP model.

How Often should you clean a pellet stove?

A pellet stove is much easier to clean than a wood burning stove, and you do not have to clean it quite so often. It is recommended that it is cleaned every 3 days, or at least once every 2 weeks.