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Pizza Oven Parts

Commercial pizza cooking operations can be turning out dozens of perfect pizzas every hour. It has been reported that Americans are eating 350 slices of pizza every second. Whether that’s completely accurate or not, your pizza oven is definitely working hard.

Pizzas are sold from tiny, hole-in-the-wall businesses right through to huge restaurants owned by multinational giants. There are pizza ovens to suit every size of operation.

The main types of commercial pizza oven are:

  • Brick Ovens – Unsurprisingly, brick ovens use fire brick or other masonry. They are usually dome-shaped and give pizzas their signature flavour.
  • Pizza Deck Ovens – Gas versions feature burners at the top and back for melting and cooking the topping. The pizza is cooked from underneath to give that distinctive crispiness.
  • Conveyor Pizza Ovens – As the name suggests, these ovens cook the pizza as it passes through. This means pizzas can be cooked one after the other, without waiting for temperatures to be reached. Great for high production in food courts and cafeterias.
  • Accelerated Cooking Ovens – These electric ovens are designed to produce a fresh, crispy, ready to eat pizza in very quick times. They are great for counter tops in service stations but not suitable for use where large volumes are needed, or for batch cooking.

Pizza ovens come with various fuel choices too:

  • Wood Fired Ovens – where space allows and a flue can be fed out of the kitchen, pizzas can be fired in brick ovens by real wood fires. Wood fired ovens can be used for outdoor cooking too. Where customers are watching pizza being prepared and cooked, this type of oven is a real attraction.
  • Gas Ovens – Most pizza ovens are available as gas ovens. Some even have a dual fuel option, where wood and gas can be used. Although not offering the authentic experience of wood, the gas pizza oven has great flexibility and requires no particular location restrictions.
  • Electric Ovens -As with gas, these ovens aren’t offering the traditional experience of wood, but they are much more versatile. Temperatures can be finely controlled and maintained- no matter how many pizzas are cooked. Locating these ovens within a kitchen is extremely flexible too.

Like all commercial kitchen equipment, your pizza oven needs to be constantly producing the goods. Following routine maintenance and cleaning guidelines will help prolong the life of the parts which take the heaviest use.

When it comes to servicing, many pizza ovens have complex parts and workings, as well as being extremely heavy. Getting a professional engineer to service the oven regularly could save a lot of time, money and frustration in the long run.

Here at Direct Brand we stock quality replacement parts for all of the leading brands of commercial pizza oven. These include Delfield, Garland, Blodgett and Bakers Pride.

Whatever parts your engineer needs for servicing or repairing your commercial pizza oven, Direct Brand is the place to go. Use our 24 hour support, cost effective pricing and express delivery to ensure those pizzas just keep on cooking.

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