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Plumbing Accessories

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These include:
Wrenches – for pipes or basins.
Spanners – because there are many plumbing systems and many sizes of the fitting, adjustable tools are essential.
Cutters – for water pipes of all materials and sizes, as well as waste pipes.
Pipe benders – some metal pipes can be bent to follow a particular route, saving money, time, and materials.
Blowtorch – pipes, and fittings from an end feed system will need heating in order to make a soldered connection. Additional accessories needed for these soldered joints include:

  • Wire wool or brush
  • Rags – some of them wet
  • Solder
  • Flux
  • Safety eyewear
  • Fire blanket or barrier
  • Fire extinguisher

Without proper consideration, a plumber could have a van full of tools and accessories, yet still, find they don’t have the right item for a repair or service.

The list of plumbing accessories is probably infinite, but here are few other essentials which might not have been considered:
Maintenance hole (or manhole) cover lifters – some covers have been down so long they will need special tools to lift them. Plunger, also known as a plumber’s helper – for helping shift those unwelcome blockages in the plumbing system.
Drain or sewer rods – a series of rods that screw together to send down a blocked drain or sewer to clear blockages.
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