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Plumbing Parts

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  • Boiler & Furnace Igniters

    Teledyne Laars Igniter 2400-526 (DB0526)

  • Plumbing Parts

    AO Smith 9003626005 Igniter 100109355 (DB6005)

  • Haydon 265111 750 3 Lh Baseboard End Cap
  • Haydon HB750-3 265112 750 Baseboard End Cap
  • Haydon 288681 750 3 Baseboard Wall Trim
  • Shelback Shellback 3-12-19 Automatic Laundry
  • Gerbfct 110568 Gerber 41-808 Pol Chrome 20Ga Brass
  • Plumbing Parts

    2 Pack Teledyne Laars Igniter 2400-526 (DB0526)

  • oil tank legs
    Plumbing Parts

    Plumbers Edge PE114TFL Oil Tank Legs

  • Haydon 266910 750 3/4X8 Baseboard Complete
  • Sale!
  • Taco 1637607 Lb-075-H-1Lf Water Heater Shut
    Plumbing Parts

    Taco Lb-075-H-1Lf Water Heater Shut


Plumbing Replacement Parts

It is a huge inconvenience when utilities are not working optimally and the problem should be fixed quickly. Find components for various plumbing parts and bathroom fittings at Direct brands. To work out which items are needed for a service or repair, you will need to confirm the exact make, model, and part number from the US manufacturer. When replacing worn-out products, it is essential that you buy a good quality replacement that will lead to proper function once again.

Where parts are needing to be replaced all too often, engineers may advise customers to change their product for a more durable option. Bathrooms that experience heavy usage, for example, in houses with large families or toilets in a public area, require servicing more regularly.

Direct Brand is confident in the durability of all our products. Our customers can be sure that they’re buying the best US plumbing equipment on the market. It’s not just water which is fed into, and out of, the bathroom by the plumbing system. Air will sometimes be extracted and circulated by the use of a fan.

Without extraction in the bathroom (or at least a window opened regularly), steam can accumulate – leading to damp smells and mildew gathering in the room. This will eventually discolor the decor. The installation of an exhaust fan is a great solution. Once installed, an exhaust fan will be working hard in damp conditions to keep the room clear of steam and excess moisture. Over time, the fan will become worn and vent covers will become clogged. Ducting and significant parts, like the motor, may begin to wear out.

Some of these problems are easily repairable and others may be avoided by some regular maintenance and cleaning. More serious problems will need a visit from an engineer. Direct Brand has an extensive range of quality replacement parts, to ensure the system is back up and running, as quickly as possible. With our cost-effective pricing and online support, we provide superior service. Check out our range of bathroom plumbing parts below.

A lot of a building’s plumbing system is located in the bathroom. Not only does the bathroom usually consist of a bathtub, a shower, a basin, a toilet, a bidet, and/or a urinal, it is also part of the heating, air conditioning, and extracting systems. Whatever the type of equipment, there are many components to be installed, repaired, or serviced within it. Some of these items can easily be monitored, cleaned, and serviced, whereas others need more specialist input from an engineer or plumber.

Professional engineers can make an accurate diagnosis of any problem. Direct Brand stock a comprehensive selection of quality replacement parts to repair or service plumbing products.

Repairing worn out or faulty parts, instead of decking out a brand new suite, can save the home or business owner a lot of money.

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