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Sump pumps are installed into the basement area of a house. A sump pit is created to collect excess water, to then move around the house. If a property has an above-average water table or is prone to extreme weather or sudden, large rainfall events, this system is a sound investment.
There are also many types of utility pumps that can be installed temporarily or moved to where they are needed. They are used for water removal in a variety of locations, maybe from a flood or simply to empty features such as a hot tub or swimming pool. Where a property has a flood risk, it is a handy addition to the household’s toolbox.
Many residential locations are far from a traditional mains water supply. This does not mean properties in remote spots need to be without a reliable and safe water supply. Instead,a well system is installed (when a well pump is used to get water to a property). There are many different pumps to choose from in this kind of system.
Well pumps can retrieve water from up to one hundred feet into the ground and are used in conjunction with pressurized water tanks in a water supply system.
When any plumbing system fails or becomes faulty, it is essential the problem is resolved quickly to minimise any inconvenience.
Direct Brand stock a wide selection of quality replacement parts for service and repair from major pump manufacturers such as Amtrol, Saniflow, Little Giant and Liberty.
Take confidence in swapping a worn out part with a direct replacement from Direct Brand to get the plumbing system running properly again.
A professional engineer or plumber will be able to identify and diagnose any fault and make good a repair using our quality replacement parts.
Direct Brand offer the highest quality, quickest delivery and cost effective pricing. We also have our team online to help you or your engineer obtain the right parts for your pump service or repair.
With so many pumps available, from so many manufacturers and with a seemingly endless number of accessories and parts which may need replacing, you and your engineer will be happy to know that we’ve got the whole range covered.
See below for our full selection of pump accessories and parts.

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