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Refrigeration Parts

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Refrigeration Parts

A commercial kitchen cannot function without a working refrigerator. That’s why the appliance should be serviced regularly to replace any worn-out part before it fails.

The refrigerator is necessary to store both raw and ready-to-eat foods at a safe temperature. Without proper cooling and storage arrangements, foods can house growing bacteria and lead to food poisoning incidents.

A cooling device that does not work properly can lead to the business having to close for hours, days and even weeks if it cannot be sorted quickly.

Because cooling equipment works under a complete system, when there is a problem with one of the maior parts, the entire appliance fails. Often a refrigerator may appear to be completely broken but will simply need a replacement product to get it started again.

Installing a direct replacement part can save a commercial caterer having to buy a brand new product, saving the business hundreds of dollars.

Making a profit in a commercial kitchen is key to the business being successful. It is vital not to replace a machine every time something goes wrong. Instead, an accurate fix by an engineer can keep the appliance running smoothly.

Direct Brand stock a range of replacement products that can be fitted into a faulty product to help it run smoothly again.

It’s important that the refrigerator is working properly so that foods are kept at the required temperature. It should be checked daily by the supervisor to make sure it is working correctly. If not, an engineer should be called.

If the appliance continues to run with a fault, this can put a catering business in jeopardy. Random checks carried out by regulatory bodies for food safety would certainly pick up on a faulty fridge.

On the other hand, a well-running, efficient fridge keeps customers safe and the business ticking over.

When an engineer is called to a repair and finds a fault- whether that be major or minor- then Direct Brand can provide a part to fix it. We stock a variety of reliable replacement parts, including:

Compressors- The compressor raises the pressure of the refrigerant gas by restricting it, pushing it onto the outside coils of the fridge.

Scroll compressors- Scroll compressors work in the same way as a compressor but have an improved ability to work with liquid refrigerant due to its scroll, or spiral-like, shape. They can be more effective than compressors in periods of cold weather which can lead to the refrigerant condensing in the gas sections of the appliance.

Evaporator coils- The evaporator pushes the refrigerant through a coil, or loop, which cools the air that moves through it. When an evaporator coil leaks, this can cause major issues in a refrigeration system. Replacement evaporator coils can save the entire cooling system.

Digital controllers- The digital controller is a practical means of keeping the refrigerator working at the desired temperature. The supervisor will need to be familiar with how the controller works.

Condensers- The condenser has the fundamental role of condensing the refrigerant from gas to liquid.

Condensing units- Condensing units feature the latest compressor technology, combined with refrigerant and other key components. They help the fridge maintain ideal temperature.

Fans – There are two fans in the refrigerator. One is located underneath and cools the compressor, pushing the air through the evaporator coils on the outside. The other fan is situated inside and ensures ample air flow.

Motors- The motor operates the compressor and keeps it running. When there is a problem with the motor, the cooling system struggles since it has no engine.

LED Lighting- when there is a fault with the lighting of the fridge, it can be an inconvenience for the user. Direct Brand stock replacement lights to make sure you can see the contents of the fridge. In a commercial setting, it is highly important that foods are put on the shelves on appropriate levels. A safe food system is more easily enforced when lights in the fridge are working.

Browse our range of parts from Direct Brand to keep your commercial kitchen running efficiently. We stock a range of products to fix cooling equipment, from major parts like compressors, to minor ones like door hinges and shelf hooks. We understand that all the elements of the machine must work together in order to function sufficiently.

We have short turnaround times on our deliveries and offer excellent customer service, including online support.

If you are looking for great value refrigerator replacements, then you’re looking in the right place.

Find working parts to both cooling appliances in our range. Refrigeration products primarily consist of the following:


The refrigerant is the substance that cools the refrigerator. It starts as gas, travels through the appliance in the form of liquid and is expelled once again as gas.


The evaporator is the point where the refrigerant is turned from liquid back to gas. Powered by evaporator fan motors, once the liquid is evaporated it is moved onto the compressor.


The compressor raises the temperature and pressure of the gas form refrigerant and sends it to the condenser.


The condenser is the area that receives heat which condenses the refrigerant gas to liquid.

Expansion Valve

This process then moves to the expansion valve, which is also known as the capillary tube. This keeps the entire appliance cool.

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