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Electrolux Clear Refrigerator Door Bin 240356402

Clear plastic door bin

  • Brand: Frigidaire
  • Part Number: 240356402
  • Equivalent To: See below
  • Quality replacement without paying the OEM price!

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SKU: 240356402
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Replacement Electrolux Clear Refrigerator Door Bin 240356402

Fits Models:

  • 253.516, 253.536, 253.537, 253.546, 253.547, 253.553, 253.556, 253.569, 253.571, BGHS263, BGHS264, CRSE264, CRSH267, DGHS263, DGHS264, FFHS262, FFSS261, FFSS262, FGHS263, FGHS264, FGSS263, FGUS263, FGUS264, FRS266Z, FRS26BH, FRS26BR, FRS26DR, FRS26H7, FRS26HF, FRS26KF, FRS26LF, FRS26LH, FRS26LR, FRS26TS, FRS6B5E, FRS6B6E, FRS6B7E, FRS6HF5, FRS6HR5, FRS6KA5, FRS6L7E, FRS6L9E, FRS6LC8, FRS6LE5, FRS6LF7, FRS6LF8, FRSH6KR, FRSHB5E, FRSHS5E, FRSHT5E, GLHS264, GLHS267, GLHS65E, GLHS66E, GLHS67E, GLRS263, GLRS264, GLRS267, GLRS64Z, GS26HSZ, LFSS261, LFUS261, LGHS263, LGHS264, LGHX263, LGUS264, NGS26ZZ, PHS6KR5, PLHS267, PLHS268, PLHS269, PLHS67E, PLHS68E, PLHS69E, PLRS267, WRS26MF, XGHS264
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