Microwave 1000 Watt Magnetron 10QBP1006

Microwave 1000 Watt Magnetron 10QBP1006

  • Brand: Kenmore, Whirlpool, LG
  • Product Number: 10QBP1006
  • Used in various models
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Replacement Microwave 1000 Watt Magnetron 10QBP1006

The Microwave 100 Watt Magnetron 10QBP1006 is the main component of a microwave. The magnetron is an oscillator where electrons are emitted from a hot cathode and whirl past resonant cavities, which are part of the anode, at speeds that generate microwave energy and because it has many working parts that operate at stress, the magnetron can break easily. If your microwave is showing signs any of these signs: no heating, burning smell, arcing sounds, snapping sound then you should replace the magnetron. The Microwave 100 Watt Magnetron 10QBP1006 is na ideal replacement part and is compatible with various models (please check list before ordering).

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Product Specifications:

  • Length: 5 in
  • Width: 5.75 in
  • Height: 6 in
  • Peak Anode Voltage: 4.35 kV.
  • Type: Standard.
  • Configuration: J.
  • Antenna: 30mm.
  • Power Rating: 1000 watts.

Compatible models:

LMV2073ST LG, 63999300 Kenmore, 80803401 Kenmore, 80014000 Kenmore, 67902600 Kenmore, LMVM2085ST LG, 80012000 Kenmore, LMH1017CVW LG, 80009400 Kenmore, LCRM1240ST LG
LMVM2085SW LG, 63993300 Kenmore, LMHM2017SB LG, LMV2015SB LG, LCRM1240SW LG, LMH1017CVST LG, 80803400 Kenmore, LMV2015SW LG, 67909601 Kenmore, 67903601 Kenmore
62369200 Kenmore, 67902601 Kenmore, 66227700 Kenmore, 80019000 Kenmore, LCS1410SW LG, LMV2015ST LG, 65029400 Kenmore, 62369201 Kenmore, 63993301 Kenmore, 62252201 Kenmore
LMVM2085SB LG, LCRT1510SV LG, 80509800 Kenmore, 85064010 Kenmore, 85063010 Kenmore, LMH1517CVST LG, 62259201 Kenmore, 65022401 Kenmore, LMV2073BB LG, 85062010 Kenmore
LMV2073WW LG, LMH1517CV LG, 60483000 Kenmore, LMV1813ST LG, LMHM2017ST LG, 62253201 Kenmore, 80009000 Kenmore, 63999301 Kenmore, LMHM2017SW LG, LCRM1240SB LG
LMV1813SW LG, LMV2053SB LG, 80804401 Kenmore, 85069010 Kenmore, 62253200 Kenmore, 62252200 Kenmore, 80002000 Kenmore, 62259200 Kenmore, LMV2053SW LG, LMV1813SB LG
2M248J-1A37 Toshiba, LG, LMH2016ST LG, LMA1560SB LG, 62212200 Kenmore, LMH2016SB LG, LMAB1240ST LG, LMV1825SB LG, LCRT2010ST LG, LMV1915NVBQ LG, LMV2061SB LG, LSRM205ST LG
5304464072 Electrolux, LMV1915NV LG, LRM2060ST LG, LMH2016SW LG, LMV2061SS LG, LMV2061SW LG, LMV1915NVB LG, LMV1825SW LG, LMA1180ST LG, LCSP1110ST LG, 63299300 Kenmore
LMVH1711ST LG, 61282100 Kenmore, 63359300 Kenmore, 6324W1A002C 63763 Kenmore, 6324W1A002C 80883300 Kenmore, 6324W1A002C 63663300 Kenmore, 6324W1A001E 62460 Kenmore
6324W1A001A MV1735B Goldstar, 6324W1A001A MV1725B Goldstar, 6324W1A002C 64662300 Kenmore, MA1272MW Goldstar, 6324W1A002C 80889300 Kenmore, 6324W1A001A MA1403W Goldstar
6324W1A001A 63654301 Kenmore, 6324W1A001E 62460 Kenmore, 6324W1A001E 80834500 Kenmore, MV1526B Goldstar, 6324W1A002C 63769 Kenmore, 6324W1A001E LMVM2075SW Goldstar
6324W1A002C 64669300 Kenmore, 6324W1A002C 64682300 Kenmore, 6324W1A001A 63653300 Kenmore

The above are a selection of compatabile models that use this part.

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