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Robertshaw Infinite Switch INF-240-1018

  • Brand Name: Robertshaw
  • Part Number: INF-240-1018
  • Equivalent To: RS/INF-240-1018, RS/5502-370, STR/2E-30562
  • This is a genuine OCM part

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SKU: INF-240-1018
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Robertshaw Infinite Switch INF-240-1018 240V, 15A, 5 1/4 inch Tabs

This is an exact OCM replacement part.

Equivalent To:

  • Rs/Inf-240-1018
  • Rs/5502-370, Str/2E-30562

L1,L2 (LINE), P (PILOT), H1, H2 (LOAD)

Contacts ( N.O.)

Rotary ( 1-10 ) shaft (1/4 inch OD~3/4 inch LG~.187 flat up)

Delfield warmer DFW-1, SERIES: 8300 & where applicable

Wells knob OFF-LO-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-HI # 22-1073 (FLAT UP)

Wells boiler B40, B44, B50, B446, B405, B506.

Hotplate H(006,33,65,70,115) H336, H636, H706.

Warmer SS-206, SS-276. SS10-4, SS10-8, SS10-10UL,SS-300, SS-400, SS-500. TMP, MOD-400DM, 400D

Warmer HW/SMP, SMP, SMPT, SS4, SS8,

“Wells” dial # 22-1073 OFF-LO-2-8-HI flat up

2 inch diameter universal black knob # 22-1349

OFF-LO-2-6-HI, universal mount with 5 inserts

Infinite switch mounting screw

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