SlantFin Victory II VHS-60EP Hot Water Boiler

Victory II Direct vent hot water boiler

  • Brand: SlantFin
  • Part Number: VHS-60EP
  • Contractor friendly, fully packaged & ready to install
  • 25 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty


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SlantFin Victory 11 VHS-60EP Boiler 60,000 BTU Input Hot Water Boiler

The Victory II VHS-60EP is a direct-vented hot water boiler, ideal for homes, apartments, condos and any application where a chimney may not be practical or where an old chimney has deteriorated. Compact boiler fits in a closet-size space and can be vented directly through a wall. On all our HVAC replacement parts we offer fast shipping options to get your parts right to your door when you need them most and our USA based customer service team are standing by to assist you with your buying questions.
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Hot Water Boiler Specifications:

  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
  • Vent Type: Direct Vent
  • Vent Size: 3 inches
  • BTU Input: 60,000
  • DOE Rating: 50,000
  • Efficiency: 83.4%

Boiler Features:

  • No chimney required
  • Near zero CO emissions
  • Economically priced
  • 3″ stainless steel flue connector
  • Factory installed flue discharge components save field service & assembly
  • Field convertible gas valve for natural-to-propane gas. A conversion kit must be purchased separately to convert from Natural Gas to Propane
  • Economical Non-Sealed combustion option with the VSPH/NDV model
  • 25 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Slant/Fin Victory II high performance, cast iron, power vent gas boiler is contractor friendly and come fully packaged and ready to install.

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