Sfa 013 Sanibest Grinder Pump Only


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Requires rear discharge toilet sold separately; round bowl part number is 003, insulated toilet tank part number is 005, elongated bowl part number is 007
Excellent choice for public bathrooms; the grinder technology is designed to handle accidental flushing of sanitary items
A full bath can be added almost anywhere without breaking the floor or concrete as required with sewage ejection; all the plumbing is above the floor and completed in small diameter pipes
Does not store any sewage; it grinds and pumps away the sewage each flush; the SaniBest Pro requires venting; air admittance valves are not permitted
Meets international codes, uniform plumbing codes and most state and local plumbing codes
Kits sold online with this pump: internet#: 206386490 model#: 013.007.005 SaniBest Pro kit elongated; internet#: 206383104 model#: 013.003.005 SaniBest Pro kit round
Note: in commercial installations, plumbing codes require an elongated bowl (ADA) to be installed with this system