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Sfa 014 Sanigrind Grinder Pump Only

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Designed to work with standard toilets not supplied by Saniflo; great for retrofitting
Bath floor needs to be built up to run the plumbing underneath; the SaniGrind is installed on the floor while the toilet, sink and shower must be installed on a raised platform
Shallow 90°ree; bend toilet flange included to ease installation
Designed for heavy use and can occasionally accept disposal of sanitary items
Used to install a complete bath; two 2 in. connections permit easy installation of the drain from the sink and shower/bath
Note: in commercial installations, plumbing codes require an elongated bowl (ADA) to be installed with this system
SaniGrind Pro unit must be connected to a standard toilet with a bottom outlet; the maximum distance from a toilet should be no more than 36 in.

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