Sfa Sanicubic Classic #029


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Can handle up to 60 GPM from several fixtures
Dual motor for absolute reliability and power
Thermally protected and alarm mounted on the unit
Easy above the floor installation
Accepts accidental flushing of sanitary items such as feminine hygiene products
Note that the effluent pipe leading into the pump has to be installed with the required 1/4 in. per foot gravity flow; there must be a 10 in. of height difference (from pump to connecting fixture) if the drain is connected to the bottom inlet
Wastewater from other sanitary fixtures is discharged into the SaniCubic 2 via five 1-1/2 in. or 4 in. inlets, on either side of the housing and on the top of the enclosure; the internal discharge pipes come equipped with check valves that prevent back flow into the unit; isolating valves (ball, gate valves) must be installed on waste inlets and on the discharge pipe to ensure that any service/maintenance may be carried out safely
Unit has been designed with a 1-1/2 in. vent connection on the top of the enclosure; all plumbing codes require connection to a vent system; please note that the vent system should be a 2-way air vent; the use of mechanical vents, air admittance valves or similar devices are not permitted as these are considered 1-way air vent systems