Stero A10-4275 Dishwasher Magnet Assembly

Dishwasher door magnet

  • Brand: Stero
  • Part Number: A10-4275
  • Brand New Replacement Part!


SKU: 105770

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Stero Dishwasher A10-4275 Door Magnet Assembly

Replacement dishwasher door magnet assembly Stero A10-4275. On all our commercial kitchen replacement parts we offer fast shipping options to get your parts right to your door when you need them most and our USA based customer service team are standing by to assist you with your buying questions.

Compatible With 44 Models:

  • SC-1, SC-2, SC-20-1, SC-20-2, SC-25-1, SC-25-2, SC-25-3, SC-3, SC-4, SC-5, SC-6, SC-7, SC-8, SC-9, SCT-108S, SCT-108SC, SCT-120, SCT-120S, SCT-120SC, SCT-44, SCT-44-10, SCT-44-CSA, SCT-44CS, SCT-64, SCT-66S, SCT-66S-CS, SCT-66S-CSA, SCT-76, SCT-76S, SCT-76SC, SCT-86S, SCT-86S-CSA, SCT-94, SCT-94S, SCT-94SC, SD-2RA, SDRA, SDRA-PKG, STPC, STPCW, STW, SYSTEMATIC, U-31A

Included in the box:

Door Magnet assembly

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