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Toaster Parts

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  • PRINCE CASTLE THERMOSTAT K Replacement Part Number 197-140
  • Star 2J-200538 Infinite Switch

    Star 2J-200538 Infinite Switch

  • star manufacturing knob kit 6404
  • Aj Antunes (Roundup) 2150295 Sprocket
  • Aj Antunes (Roundup) 7001333 Drive Shaft
  • Aj Antunes (Roundup) 2150294 Drive Chain
  • star manufacturing knob kit 6404
  • VULCAN HART TOASTER ELEMENT Replacement Part Number  352833-12
  • Star HM-197901 Heater Tube
  • Star HK-198066 Heater Tube 104V, 540W
  • Star HH-Z10124 Heater Tube 208V, 700W
  • Star HA-198061 Heater Tube
  • Manufacturers

    Star Actuator Bracket A8-7606066

  • STAR Gearmotor Assembly - 115V Replacement 2U-52223

    Star 2U-52223 Gearmotor Assembly

  • Manufacturers

    Star Toaster Element 2N-3001806

  • Manufacturers

    Prince Castle Timer Switch 78-146S

  • PRINCE CASTLE CHAIN AND SPROCKET KIT Replacement Part Number  537-729S

Toaster Parts

A commercial kitchen needs to have a huge range of appliances, all working together.  These appliances must be reliable and efficient. It might be easy to overlook something as simple as the toaster. But it plays an important part in the kitchen and most commercial catering premises will have one.

The maintenance and servicing of the appliance could be missed too. A failed toaster, no matter how minor its role in the kitchen, will be a drain on other cooking appliances.

There are several types of commercial toaster used in catering, depending on the size and style of the food operation:

  • Pop-Up Options– Used for traditional toast with sliced bread. Some bigger models will accommodate English muffins and other thicker items, like bagel halves. They do not need much room on the counter top despite high range models being capable of producing up to 500 toasted items an hour. Great for small diners or cafes.
  • Conveyor– Much bigger than pop-up toasters and needing more space to work. There are conveyor models designed to toast all different food type, but most will easily accommodate bagels. Bigger models can push through up to 1600 toasted buns an hour. Sometimes conveyor models are seen in hotel buffets for guests to toast their own bread or muffins.
  • Bun Grilling– All your breads, speciality items, bun halves, as well as sub rolls and bagels can be toasted by these top loading bun grilling units. Some models allow for butter, or other coatings, to be caramelized as the bun makes its way through the toaster. Bigger models will be toasting up to 1500 items an hour.

With so many options, there are also so many different models. Each of these toasting models feature a huge range of parts and components which may at some point need repair or replacement.

Regular cleaning and visual inspection should always be ongoing, but any servicing or repairs should be carried out by a professional engineer.

For servicing and repair of your commercial toaster, Direct Brand stock quality direct replacement parts for all the top manufacturers such as Star, Vulcan, Belleco and Hatco.

Unlike domestic toasters, which are mostly disposable, these commercial units are designed to be serviced and repaired. If your machine stops turning on, isn’t toasting evenly, popping out when it’s finished or moving along the conveyor, it is time to call in an engineer.

Nearly all components are replaceable, giving the appliance a prolonged lifespan.

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