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    Toilet Parts

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    Toilet Parts

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Toilet Parts
While toilets are a key component in both domestic properties and commercial premises, the actual structure is fairly simple.

There are two main plumbing toilet parts to a toilet tank. These are the flush valve and the fill valve. The flush valve allows water into the bowl, on the activation of the flush, and the fill valve then fills the tank.

A toilet is also made up of:

Flappers: A seal for the flush valve. Faulty flappers often cause the leaking or continuous running since they control the amount of water entering the bowl.
Tank levers: The handle that you use to flush.
Water supply connectors: The plumbing pipes that connect the toilet to the building’s overall plumbing fittings and system.
Automatic cleaners: A cleaner within the tank.
Wax and wax-free seals: The part that seals the toilet to the floor.

While the engineering of the toilet sounds fairly straightforward, when one of these parts becomes faulty, the effects are somewhat unpleasant.
Plumbing Supplies Toilet Flush Replacement Parts
Faced with either pouring a bucket of water down the toilet, using the plunger, and hoping to “flush” away any waste products or, worse still, leaving the waste in the toilet, a replacement part becomes an emergency.

And in most cases, an engineer to fit the part is essential too.

Direct Brand stock a range of like-for-like parts online that offer a direct replacement for various toilet models.

Our range of parts are guaranteed to offer a welcome solution to faulty plumbing parts, toilet parts and bathroom plumbing parts.

We also stock one-piece and two-piece toilets.

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