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D156805 Trane Furnace Igniter IGN00152 (DB6805)

Furnace igniter kit with adapter

  • Brand: Direct Brand
  • Part Number: DB6805
  • Direct Drop In Replacement
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Simple to Fit
  • 30 Day Hassle Free Returns

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SKU: DB6805
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D156805 Trane Furnace Igniter IGN00152 Including Adapter (DB6805)

This is a genuine IGN00152 OEM replacement part. It is a BRAND NEW Trane/American Standard gas furnace hot surface igniter, and comes with a mounting bracket to adapt it into older mounting styles.

The Trane part # is IGN00152. This new Silicon Nitride version is a much higher quality igniter with a much longer life span. On all our HVAC replacement parts we offer fast shipping options to get your parts right to your door when you need them most and our USA based customer service team are standing by to assist you with your buying questions.

Includes 80-120 Volt Adapter

Full Product Specifications:

    • Brand: Trane
    • Part Number: D6805, replacing IGN00152
    • Direct Drop In Replacement
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • Simple to Fit

Fits Models

  • ADE1A060A9361AC, ADE1A060A9361AD, ADE1B060A9361AC, TDE1A060A9361AC, ADE1B060A9361AD, ADE1B080A9451AC, ADE1B080A9451AD, M801P140DU60AAB, ADE1B100A9451AC, ADE1B100A9451AD, ADE1C100A9601AC, M801P140DD60AAB, ADE1C100A9601AD, ADE1D120A9601AC, ADE1D120A9601AD, M801P120DU60AAB, ADH2B060A936VAA, ADH2B060A9V3VAD, ADH2B060A9V3VBA, M801P120DD60AAB, ADH2B080A942VAA, ADH2B080A9V3VAD, ADH2B080A9V3VBA, M801P100CU60AAB, ADH2B080A9V4VAC, ADH2B080A9V4VBA, ADH2C100A948VAA, M801P100CU48AAB, ADH2C100A9V4VAD, ADH2C100A9V4VBA, ADH2D120A960VAA, M801P100CD60AAB, ADH2D120A9V5VAD, ADH2D120A9V5VBA, AUD2B060G9V3VAA, M801P100CD48AAB, AUD2B080G9V3VAA, AUD2B100G9V3VAA, AUD2C080G9V4VAA, M801P100BU36AAB, AUD2C080H9V4VAA, AUD2C100G9V5VAA, AUD2C100H9V5VAA, M801P080BU48AAB, AUD2D120G9V5VAA, AUD2D120H9V5VAA, AUD2D140G9V5VAA, M801P080BU36AAB, AUE1A040A9241AD, AUE1A060A9241AD, AUE1A060A9361AD, M801P080BD45AAB, AUE1B060A9361AD, AUE1B080A9361AD, AUE1B080A9481AD, M801P060AU36AAB, AUE1B100A9361AD, AUE1C100A9481AD, AUE1C100A9601AD, M801P060AU24AAB, AUE1D120A9601AD, AUE1D140A9601AD, AUH2B060A936VAA, M801P060AD36AAB, AUH2B060A9V3VBA, AUH2B080A942VAA, AUH2B080A9V3VBA, M801P060AD24AAB, AUH2B080A9V4VBA, AUH2C100A948VAA, AUH2C100A9V4VBA, M801P040AU24AAB, AUH2C100A9V5VBA, AUH2D120A960VAA, AUH2D120A9V5VBA, M801P040AD24AAB, TDE1A060A9361AD, TDE1B060A9361AC, TDE1B060A9361AD, TDE1B080A9451AC, TDE1B080A9451AD, TDE1B100A9451AC, TDE1B100A9451AD, TDE1C100A9601AC, TDE1C100A9601AD, TDE1D120A9601AC, TDE1D120A9601AD, TDH2B060A936VAA, TDH2B060A9V3VAC, TDH2B060A9V3VBA, TDH2B080A942VAA, TDH2B080A9V3VAC, TDH2B080A9V3VBA, TDH2B080A9V4VAC, TDH2B080A9V4VBA, TDH2C100A948VAA, TDH2C100A9V4VAC, TDH2C100A9V4VBA, TDH2D120A960VAA, TDH2D120A9V5VAC, TDH2D120A9V5VBA, TUD2B060G9V3VAA, TUD2B080G9V3VAA, TUD2B100G9V3VAA, TUD2C080G9V4VAA, TUD2C080H9V4VAA, TUD2C100G9V5VAA, TUD2C100H9V5VAA, TUD2D120G9V5VAA, TUD2D120H9V5VAA, TUD2D140G9V5VAA, TUE1A040A9241AD, TUE1A060A9241AD, TUE1A060A9361AD, TUE1B060A9361AD, TUE1B080A9361AD, TUE1B080A9481AD, TUE1B100A9361AD, TUE1C100A9481AD, TUE1C100A9601AD, TUE1D120A9601AD, TUE1D140A9601AD, TUH2B060A936VAA, TUH2B060A9V3VBA, TUH2B080A942VAA, TUH2B080A9V3VBA, TUH2B080A9V4VBA, TUH2C100A948VAA, TUH2C100A9V4VBA, TUH2C100A9V5VBA, TUH2D120A960VAA, TUH2D120A9V5VBA.

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