US Stove Company Ignitor 80619

US Stove Company Igniter 80619.

Part number 80619.

This is an Aftermarket Part


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US Stove Company Pellet Stove Igniter. Part number: 80619

For USSC Models: 5500M, 5500XLT, 5510,, 5600, 5700, 4840, 5520 Compatible Pellet Stoves & Inserts US Stove Company Pellet Stoves & Inserts Ashley/King 5500M/5500XLT/5510, 5520 Watts 250,


Length 4″,

Width 3/8″

Connectors Male Spades

We recommend servicing your stove before each season to ensure energy efficiency and constant performance.

Ignition problems:

Igniters fail for a number of reasons, the igniter itself may be burnt out, door gasket is worn, the burn pot may not be seated properly (if removable), or the ash pan, door, or hopper are not sealed.

Firstly, start the stove and see if there is an orange glow from your igniter. If you are unable to see the igniter, carefully feel around the burn pot for a heat source.  If you can see the igniter glow or feel an adequate heat source, then the problem does not lie with the igniter. In this case give the stove a thorough cleaning and ensure an airtight seal by checking that the ash pan and hopper are seated correctly. Also, check the door gasket for signs of wear and tear. If one or more of these are worn or in bad repair then replacing them will provide better performance and enegy efficiency.

If you do not see the orange glow or feel any heat, then your igniter will need replacing. Due to the extreme heat created, the igniter can fail after a couple of seasons, however, these are easily replaced.

If these attempts fail, we recommend calling a professional to service your stove.

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