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Utility Sinks

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  • Belveder 210091 E 403 Vacuum Breaker

    Belvedere 403 Vacuum Breaker

  • Beckett 1357506 14475 2X3/8 Duplex Tank
  • Bradley 1370236 S19-921 Gravity Fed Eyewash
  • Gerbfct 110590 Gerber 49-244 Pol Chrome Classics
  • Bradley 230035 S19-200B Fct Mnt Eyewash
  • Bobrick 734389 B-826 Automatic soap dispenser

Sports kit, boots, sailing equipment (and maybe even a dog!) can be washed in them. This means they must be hard-wearing and resistant to scratching and damage. They also need to be deep or incorporate an integrated overflow system to ensure that splashed dirty water isn’t thrown around the room.
The surface material varies. Glass-fibre, acrylic, cast iron, ceramic or stainless steel are just some of the options.
There is also a choice of how the product can be set. Sinks that drop into countertops are often a more complete solution because they house cupboard and shelf space underneath. Alternatively, a sink may be free-standing on an integrated framework, which can also create useful space underneath. The other option is wall mounting.
There is a huge selection of utility sinks on the market. Be aware of what you need before handing over hard-earned cash.
You’ll need to choose the material, mounting style, and size. You may feel a double sink would meet your needs or a smaller one will suffice.
Some units will be supplied with pre-drilled faucet holes, some won’t. Think carefully about where your mixer faucet (or separate hot and cold) will be mounted. Some of the materials available will not be adaptable if your faucet doesn’t fit.
Issues with the fitting of a utility sink and the plumbing can be an inconvenience to homeowners- bringing more mess into the main area of the house.
Any plumbing problems are likely to be due to wastewater backing up. A regular and thoroughly clean, including flushing out the trap and waste system, should prevent this being too much of a regular occurrence.
The most common replacement parts will be strainers, traps, and waste pipes. The faucet may also be subject to some heavy-handed use.
It’s important to consider what type of faucet is required. Will it reach into the middle of the sink, but not so far that it’s in the way? Will it be high enough to get all your muddy clothes underneath it, but not so high that it causes water to splash and bounce straight out?
Faucets are generally made with a stainless steel finish, or rough brass, making them durable and able to withstand the constant dirt and heavy use they are subjected to. Some are available with pull out nozzles which are perfect for directing the flow onto the right areas and for cleaning out the sink after use.
At Direct Brand, we stock a wide range of faucets and many other sink accessories. With our quick delivery, 24 hours of online support and great value pricing, you can be reassured that Direct Brand is the place for all of your utility sink requirements.
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