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Electrolux 131763202 Latch, Lid

Electrolux 131763202 Latch, Lid

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It has 6 terminals on the grey plastic housing and 2 terminals on the wax motor. Fixes the following symptoms: washer will not start; washer will not drain; lid or door will not open; unusual Noise Timer; washer drum will not fill with water; washer drum will not agitate; washer lid or door won’t close;

Part Replacement Number: 131763202 washer lid switch part replacement number: 131269400, 131763200, 131763245, 131763255, AH2367737, EA2367737, PS2367737; Fitment

Fitting Frigidaire Electrolux Kenmore and Crosley washer; Reminder of Replacement When the lid is closed, the washing machine will not work properly (or the actuator may be broken), and the washing machine will only work if the actuator under the lid switch and the lid is intact;

Suitable Model BAFW3577KW1, BKFW3517KT1, CFW4701QW0, DAFW3577KW1, FAFW3001LW0, FAFW3001LW1, FAFW3001LW3, FAFW3001LW4, FAFW3001LW5, FAFW3001LW6, FAFW3001LW7, FAFW3511KR0, FAFW3511KW0, FAFW3511KW1, FAFW3511KW2, FAFW3514KA0, FAFW3514KA1, FAFW3514KN1, FAFW3517KA1, FAFW3517KB1 and more.

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