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John Wood 50 Gallon Oil-Fired Heater

Tall residential oil-fired heater

  • Brand Name: John Wood
  • Part Number: JW6F507
  • Size: 50 gallon

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SKU: 107635
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John Wood 50 Gallon Tall Residential Oil-Fired, Rear Flue Tank Water Heater Only (Burner Sold Separately)

John Wood 50 gallon oil-fired water heater features a universal mounting design that fits most burners, and comes with TankSaver technology, an innovation that impedes corrosion and extends tank life. The ceramic fiber combustion chamber maximizes heat retention, while its immersion-type aquastat allows for precise water temperature control.

When properly installed and maintained, the John Wood 50 gallon water heater will provide years of trouble free service.


  • Blocked flue safety switch
  • Glass-lined inner tank and sacrificial magnesium anodes extend tank life
  • Ceramic fiber combustion chamber maximizes heat retention
  • Universal mounting design
  • Factory-installed heat trap nipples that help reduce heat loss
  • Factory-installed drain valve
  • Heavy-duty fiberglass insulation
  • Dual anodes for added tank protection

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