Lochinvar Water Heater Igniter PLT3400



Replacement Lochinvar furnace Igniter

  • Brand: Direct Brand
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Lochinvar Hot Surface Igniter PLT3400

The ultimate upgrade made from Silicon Nitride making it robust and durable.

Full Product specifications:

  • 3 year warranty
  • Simple to fit
  • Direct drop in replacement
  • Made from Silicon Nitride
  • Robust and durable

Compatible Models:

Charger (CNR/CLR 125-75 thru 501-080) Charger (CNR/CLR 625-080 thru 726-080) Charger DV (DNR/DLR/DNA, DLA) Charger Power DV (PNR Models) Copper-Fin (CB/CW 495-745 Beginning Serial ##G04H00166418) Copper-Fin (CB/CW 986-2066) Copper-Fin (CB/CW/CS 985-2065 Starting Serial # A950000) Copper-Fin (CB315-500 CW90-500) Copper-Fin (CW/CB/CS 475-3080) Copper-Fin II (CH-CF 991-2071) Copper-Fin II (CH/CF/CP 300-750) Copper-Fin II (CH/CF/CP 401-751 After Serial # L03H00160759) Copper-Fin II (CH/CF/CP 401-751 Before Serial # L03H0016XXX) Copper-Fin II (CH/CP/CF 990-2070 Beginning Serial # G936199) Copper-Fin2 Pool Heater (CP 991-2071) Copper-Pak Copper-Pak (RW Discontinued Models) Custom Hi-Power (CHP/HHP/HH/HV) Efficiency+ (EB/EW 100-300 Starting Serial # A05H00172365) EfficiencyPac (EP150-300 Starting Serial # A05H00172365) Electric Booster (SB) EnergyRite2 (ER151-401) Intelli-Fin (IB/IW 1500-2000) KNIGHT Boiler (KB 80-500) KNIGHT Heating Boiler Mini-Fin/Copper-Fin (RB/RW 045-360) Mini-Fin/Copper-Fin (RB/RW 399-500) Power-Fin (PB/PF 1500-2000 Starting Serial #F05H00176841) Power-Fin (PB/PF 1500-2000) Power-Fin (PB/PF 250-1000) Power-Fin (PB/PF 501-1300 Starting Serial #A05H00172528) Power-Fin (PF/PB 501-1300 Starting Serial #A05H00172528) Pumps Residential Electric (ET/ES/EC/MT/JR/ST/SS/SC) Residential Gas (ES/ET/SS/ST/DD) Residential Gas Direct Vent (DV 030, 040, 050, 075) Residential Gas Direct Vent/Balanced Flue (BF 040-050) Residential Gas FVIR (LS, LT, XS, XT Models) Residential Gas Manufactured Home (MD 30-40) Residential Gas Oil Fired (BRE) Residential Gas Power Direct Vent (PRN/L & SRN/L) Residential Gas Power Vented (DV 041-051) Residential Gas Power Vented (DV 052-076, PV 050-075) Solution Boiler (CB45-260) Standard Hi-Power (HS/HC) TurboCharger (TNR Models)

Included in the box:

Replacement igniter. AMP Model.