Why Choose Us?

Who we are at Direct Brand

Direct Brand are engineering specialists. We have a range of great value, engineered products available on our online store.

Malcolm Gorst, the founder of Direct Brand, has over 19 years of knowledge and experience in the HVAC and mechanical engineering industry. This gives us an edge! It means we can help you, our customers, find the right part for your requirements.

So if your mechanical product has failed, we can help you fix it with our on-hand expertise and carefully selected direct replacement parts.

What are our values?

We understand that a broken appliance is a huge inconvenience. It can cause distress at home (it’s hard to find enough time to get everything done as it is, without a broken appliance!). And on a commercial level there is the risk of losing business.

We want to provide a hassle-free approach to help our customers carry on with their busy lives with a smile on their face.

What is our aim?

We deliver quality replacement parts to our customers. We provide products efficiently and offer fast delivery options.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and are always here to help with friendly, expert advice.

What People Are Saying?

Great company to deal with. Fast and reliable


Customer service helped me find my part quickly when I called. Few clicks later an the part was on its way

Chris M.

I placed an order over the phone, the customer service lady was extremely helpful, my part arrived within 48 hours as requested, great service all round


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