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Drolet | Osburn | Pellet Stove Igniter Hot Rod 44030

SKU: 44030


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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part Numbers are given as a reference tool only.


Drolet | Osburn Pellet Stove Igniter

Drolet Osburn Pellet Stove Igniter Hot Rod 44030


  • Full Product Specification:

    • 120 Volt
    • Length (from nut to end): 4 1/4 inches
    • Diameter: 3/8 inches
    • Threaded nut
    • Brand: Direct Brand
    • Aftermarket Part

    Compatible With:

    • Osburn Pellet Stoves
    • Hybrid 35 Insert (Serial # 100 – 499), Hybrid 45 (Serial # 1744 and lower)
    • Drolet Pellet Stoves:
    • Eco-35 (SERIAL # 100-1080), Eco-45 (Serial # 100 – 3351)
    • Flame Pellet Stoves:
    • FP-35 (Serial # 100 – 440), FP-35 Insert (Serial # 100 and above), FP-45 (Serial # 100 – 529)
    • Enerzone Pellet Stoves:
    • Bio-35 (Serial # 100 – 324), Bio-35 Insert (Serial # 100 – 324), Bio-45MF (Serial # 100 – 1124)

    Included In The Box:

    • 1 x Drolet Osburn Pellet Stove Igniter Hot Rod 44030

Upgrade Your Igniter Today…

Igniters are crucial components in many household and industrial appliances, serving as the spark that brings these devices to life. But what exactly are igniters, and when do they need replacement?

An igniter, at its core, is a device that initiates the combustion process in various heating appliances. Whether it’s warming up your home during cold winter months through a furnace or cooking a delightful meal in an oven, igniters play a pivotal role in ensuring the appliance starts and runs efficiently.

There are various types of igniters, including:

  • Hot surface igniters: Typically found in furnaces and ovens, these use electricity to heat a ceramic element that then lights the fuel.
  • Spark igniters: Common in gas stoves and grills, these produce a spark to ignite the gas.
  • Piezo igniters: Often used in lighters and portable stoves, they generate a spark when mechanically pressed.

Given their critical function, it’s essential to check your appliance periodically to see if it needs a replacement igniter. If your appliance takes longer to start, frequently shuts off, or doesn’t ignite at all, it might be time to replace the igniter.

While igniters are found in familiar devices like furnaces, ovens, and stoves, they’re also integral to water heaters, pool heaters, pellet stoves, and more. When considering a replacement, look for alternatives to pricey manufacturer parts.

Direct Brand offer OEM equivalent parts, allowing you to save money without compromising on quality.

By choosing wisely, you ensure your appliance’s longevity and efficiency without breaking the bank.

Direct Brand – The original company to provide Silicon Nitride Igniters to the US !

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Drolet Osburn Pellet Stove Igniter Hot Rod 44030Drolet | Osburn | Pellet Stove Igniter Hot Rod 44030

Drolet | Osburn | Pellet Stove Igniter Hot Rod 44030